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Do you wish you were compelling on the page, that readers would pull up a seat once they've sampled your offering? Perhaps you like the sound of fresh insights and techniques that will transform students' writing or your own. Would you like to learn the secrets of authors? With roots in the world of education and the literary arts, it is my passion to help students and teachers rediscover the written word in service of beauty and truth. I aim not only to teach craft but to inspire a fresh love for language. Students, teachers, and aspiring writers have walked away from my lessons with increased confidence in the technique and art of written expression.

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With over 25 years of experience teaching privately and in various school sectors, I bring to students and clients my knowledge of linguistics, the architecture of English, and highest of literary standards. As an instructor, I have taught composition at California Baptist University. As a writer, I publish in and outside education, and my articles, prose, and poetry feature in magazines and anthologies. Corona-Norco Unified School District, the California Homeschool Network Expo, and Veritas Classical Academy in Orange County, CA are among the places where I have led professional development workshops. I publish poetry and discuss art, culture, identity, and achievement with artists around the globe on my blog. Guiding the writing process of guest authors there has been an integral part of my work. Come see what I've shared with over 16,000 followers on holisticwayfarer.com.


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Test Prep: The Essay

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Diana's two-hour writing workshop was a gold mine. She did the multum non multa, much not many.  By going in-depth on one of the core problems of writing and carefully helping us understand why they are the death knell of writing both for content and style, she was able to help both teachers and students alike understand the power of words to inspire and move people. And just as effective as what she teaches is how she teaches. She interacts with her audience in a way that motivates them and helps them to see the same problem from a whole new perspective. I highly recommend her writing workshops.

David Kim, PhD. Headmaster of Veritas Classical Academy.
February 15, 2019.


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